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June 21, 2016
Though the away leg match in February 2016 produced no goal in Bamenda, YOSA made sure they get a goal to seal their 10th game unbeaten. Team captain Jude Kongnyuy made maximum use of capital defensive error from Aigle de Menoua to fire in the equalizer for YOSA as they were one goal down thanks to a spot kick converted to a goal by Aigle just a few minutes into the second half. YOSA began their journey to their 10th unbeaten game with 1-1 draw against New star of Douala which was their first League One Match in their Mile Six Nkwen Stadium. Out of the ten matches three of them have been won at home and three won away. Two of the four draws have been home and two away with the latest being the Sunday June 19 draw with Aigle de Menoua. Talking to the press Ailge manager noted that YOSA got an equaliser due to lack of communication. Joseph Ndoko regretted that it is becoming recurrent for his club to get equalisers when they list expect. Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso on his part praised his boys for taking to instruction and staying concentrated. The YOSA manager explained that they knew the opponents as a good side and so they had to take the game seriously. While Aigle moves to 30 points on the 8th spot on the classification table, YOSA leaves Dschang with one point raising their overall tally to 39 thus keeping them on the second please where they have been since Day-20.
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