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March 25, 2016
The 2-1 defeat of Union Sportive de Douala Thursday March 24, 2016 by Yong Sports Academy YOSA has been recorded as the first defeat of the Douala team this Season. After winning three and drawing three of their first six matches, Union traveled to Bamenda with the hope of keeping their unstained recorded. This position was re-echoed by Coach Siewe Joseph during a pre-match press conference who stating that their mission was to beat YOSA in Bamenda. Yet things turned the other way roundTheir ambition was started as early as 24 minutes into the game when Atsou drove into the net of YOSA the first goal of the day with kick from a distance estimated at about 30yards away. The celebration exposed a team that was confident of itself. Fifteen minutes later 39’’, YOSA got an equalizer through Awono JR that will end the first half at one goal each way. From a penalty sport at the 32nd minute Tamo Taiwo scored the second and winning goal for YOSA. Kilah Gilbert’s attempt to get the third failed at the 38th minute. According to some fans goalkeeper Kasiru of Union played the saviour’s role reason why it ended just 2-1. It is the sixth time both teams are meeting in the Bamenda municipal stadium and it is the first time the home team YOSA is getting a victory. Frank Happy team president of Union who entered Bamenda early Thursday morning praised YOSA for good play but submitted that he thinks YOSA got the favour of the referee through the penalty. According to him many fought him last season from being champion and even wanted his team to descend and have come back this year. Blaming the referees Frank stated that he has decided to be silent but his silence will not last long. Other fans who listened to Frank’s interview rather argued that the referee favoured Union denying YOSA two penalty opportunities with one being a handball and the other a pushing fault on Daouda Alim in the eighteen meter box of UNION.The win thus moves YOSA from their previous 8th to the second position on the league table with 13ponts while Union moves to the third place with 12points. With one delayed match each, both teams have the chance of keeping a good grip of their position and the league table before equaling others with 8days of play.
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