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June 08, 2017
YOSA FC INFO: Press Release We are thankful to the Fans, well wishers and sympathisers of YOSA FC for the massive turnout during our last match with Bamboutos of Mbouda. Your valuable contributions gave us the victory. Thanks immensely. Next Match: YOSA FC welcomes Dragon of Y'de on Sunday May 14, 2017 for one of Day 14 matches of the Pro League I. The Match starts at 3:30pm LT. Dragon is currently standing in front of us with 19pts as well. Sunday is another day to proof to our opponents that we still mean business. Do your part by coming to the field and leave players, coaches and management with the rest. Keeping the spirit will only make our team better and stronger. See You on Sunday. Thanks. YOSA PRESS DIVISION
Last match
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