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December 08, 2013
Never have supporters contested referee’s decisions and judgments in the YOSA stadium in mile six Nkwen as was the case this Wednesday June 8, 2016. Owoundi Romeo according to supporters in Bamenda made the worst decisions a professional football referee will make. “This is the worst referee we have had this season. His faults are always against YOSA. Surely he has been sent to stop YOSA from winning.” According to Liteh Jones who spoke in anger, “this referee was knows that if YOSA wins they stand a chance of taking the leadership position.” Following the constant booing from the spectators, the referee at some point stopped the game and could be seen talking to the match commissioner and when this reporter got closer he was telling the commissioner in French that “if this continues like this I will stop this game.” He will later call YOSA goal keeper, Team captain and coach for what could be described as an unfriendly exchange with the commander (here referee) handing down instructions to his elements (YOSA palyers and coach.) The game that ended in a virgin draw which according to Liteh “was due to the referee’s poor sense of judgment” ended with the spectators emptying themselves into the stadium. The supporters could be seen randomly talking to the referee with the executive of YOSA calming them down and preventing them from getting close to the referee while the police accompanied the referee to the dressing room. The president of the supporters club commented on the issue saying that “those who were shouting were just spectators who judged the referee’s decision as unjust.” While maintain that the referee took several anti-YOSA decision, the president said “the supporters of YOSA have sufficiently educated their members on post-match conduct.” While the draw stops YOSA from the straight wins, the team remains unbeaten in six games. According to Liteh Jones a supporter who traveled from kumbo to Bamenda for the game, the referee, Dragon FC and others deliberately denied YOSA a sixth consecutive victory. Authorities of Dragon leave Bamenda with the satisfaction that they had a good match though according to the head coach supporters conduct was below expectation. YOSA head coach however praised Dragon for their good show but maintained that the arbitration was poor. He remains optimistic that his team is still on course and will surely put up a better game against Astre; YOSA’s next opponents. Two players of Dragon FC including goalkeeper during the game suffered serious injuries ending with instant replacements and evacuation to hospital. Unconfirmed sources say the post match mass movement of supporters had an incident on the Camera man of the state broadcaster the CRTV leading to the partial destruction of his equipment.

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