Yong Sports Academy Bamenda - Turno...

December 13, 2013
Since the closure of the Bamenda municipal stadium April 20, 2016 following the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of a 2500 capacity Olympic stadium, thousands have been streaming into the Mile Six Nkwen football stadium of the Yong Sports Academy YOSA. From their first game in the new playground on Wednesday 4th May, 2016 against Panthere du Nde not fewer than 3000 people have answered present for every game in Nkwen. This Sunday June 12, 2016, the match between YOSA and Les Astre of Douala turned out to be another show of love for football and massive support for the home team. Non scientific estimates suggest that at least 7000 people showed up for game. Benchmarking the massive turnout and the 2500 capacity Olympic stadium under construction in Bamenda by the Federation of Cameroon Football FECAFOOT, observers say at conclusion the stadium will be more of a limiting factor to match attendance is Bamenda. A civil society actor who preferred not to be named described the Olympic stadium as “a cursed gift for Bamenda.” According to him the “stadium is good enough for a sub divisional or divisional headquarter like Kumbo, Wum, Fundong and others just like Bangante and Sangmalima where similar Olympic Stadiums are being constructed.” Away from the fact that the Cameroon Professional Football League branded the game as a Top Match of Day 21, the serial victory record of YOSA is another reason for the exploded attendance.

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