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About YOSA

Yong Sports Academy YOSA was created following the absence of a first Division team at the time in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

Moved by this absence, Mr Yong Francis now of late; a former football referee with outstanding love for the sport decided to start a football team in 2004.

Born a few years after some teams from the region like PWD FC and Kumbo Strikers were just relegated to the regional league, YOSA had a tough time beating these teams to get a ticket that will qualify them for a national tournament formerly referred to as Inter-polls that will enable the team qualify for the First Division Championship.

YOSA has gone on to become Bamenda’s most successful football club with one of the well-known names in Cameroon football with thousands of passionate fans across the country and beyond. The team shucked Cameroon when it emerged winner of the National Football cup in 2013.

“It gives us great joy when we see the young talents
we have nurtured in Our Academy blossom..”
Yong Francis

Play Ground

The Bamenda Municipal Stadium YOSA has two professional pitches in the Academy situated in the outskirts of Nkwen Bamenda. To be able to meet the needs of our ever growing fans, we have chosen to play our matches on the city stadium despite its poor state. This decision is because we priorities the happiness of our fans who are mostly based in the city center.

Visit Stadium

Located on the commercial avenue the economic nerve center of the city of Bamenda, the 5000 capacity stadium is very accessible. It also provides an opportunity for great shopping and outdoor entertainment before and after matches. Its accessibility to persons with disability is a great asset to some of our fans with various forms of disabilities.
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